Surrounded by the panoramic views of Mount Merapi, enjoy the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in Griyakoe where you can leisurely enjoy activities with your loved ones.

Around the area you can find many tourist activities such as Prambanan temple or golfing at the Merapi Golf. Relax and enjoy the day while surrounded with spectacular views of the Mount Merapi & the Indian Ocean.

For families with children, you can cycle around Kaliurang, located in the southdern slopes of Mount Merapi. Here you can find the Kaliurang recreation centre and other various tourists spots such as the magnificent Javanese History museum, the Ullen Sentalu Museum.

While for those looking for adventure, The Merapi Lava tour, located 15 minutes from Griyakoe is the perfect activity. Tour price depends on how adventurous you would take your track.

And don't forget to experience the peaceful morning walks around Griyakoe. Enjoy a walk with your loved ones to local authentic villages and sip a cup of coffee or tea with traditional Javanese breakfast while viewing hundred acres of emeral freen paddy fields with the background of smoky Mount Merapi.